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C. Kelly, A.Gargagliano

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For a student who has never written more than a single sentence at a time, this is the place to start! The unique exercises not only allow for successful writing of English, but also encourage students to express personal, meaningful, and sometimes fanciful facets of their lives. The focus of each of the 12 two-color units is a writing assignment. Five of the lessons in each unit are prewriting activities that should be completed before the first draft is written. Two lessons follow the assignment: the editing lesson and feedback. Each unit takes 3-5 hours of class time (lessons take 45-50 minutes) and units can be done in any order. The basic structure is as follows: brainstorming, analyzing sentences, prewriting and learning about organization activities, model and assignment, editing, giving feedback, and an optional extension activity. Exceptionally clear and friendly, this series will truly find the writer within every student!


letters of introduction, ending personal stories, giving reasons, concluding sentences, planning a paragraph, supporting sentences, expressing wishes, giving explanations. Assignments include writing about an ideal partner, a favorite photo, a movie review, a superhero power, and an advertisement.

Book 2:

logical organization, definition paragraphs, cause-and-effect paragraphs, process paragraphs, comparison/contrast paragraphs, persuasive paragraphs, newspaper styles. Assignments include writing a composition about career choice, writing a magazine article about a classmate, writing a research report, and writing a newspaper article.

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