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Should University Students Have their Own Cars?

Some students feel that a motor vehicle is an absolute necessity. They say that having a car makes life easier and gives them freedom to travel wherever they want. I completely disagree with this idea. Owning a car while in university is a waste of money and actually causes more problems than it solves.

First of all, let's talk about money. On the average, students work twenty hours a week at $7.00 an hour. From their wages, they must pay for food, housing and tuition. A typical used car costs between $5000 and $9000. In addition to the initial price of the car, students must come up with money for gas, insurance and repairs, which often amount to hundreds of dollars a month. By the time they finish paying for their cars, students have little money left for daily expenses.

Not only are cars expensive, but they also give students a lot of trouble. If a student drives downtown, for example, and something goes wrong with his car, he has to call friends from campus to help him fix the vehicle; unless, of course, he knows how to repair it himself. He ends up spending valuable time and money taking care of the car or pushing it to a service station to have it checked. Instead of the car being a time-saving device, it becomes a time and money-wasting inconvenience.

Another disadvantage of owning a car is that everyone else wants to use it. So-called "friends" often ask if they can borrow the car to pick up someone from the airport or run to the mall to do some shopping. If they don't drive they ask you to take them in your car. You end up being a taxi driver instead of concentrating on your school work.

An automobile, therefore, is definitely not essential for a university student. Unless, of course, he is super-rich and has a lot of time to waste running around. Otherwise, it can be a great burden which will end up costing the student a lot of time, money, and unnecessary trouble.

Do you agree or disagree with this student's point of view?

Write an essay outlining your answer to the question, "Should university students have their own cars?"

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