Comparison Paragraphs

Which of these paragraphs is more interesting? (A. or B.) Why?

A. Skiing is a wonderful sport. A lot of people love to ski in the winter time. I want to tell about an exciting experience I had last year while skiing in Colorado.

B. The winter sun was shining over the steep Colorado mountains. The air was crisp and the cool breeze gently touched my cheeks. I pulled my fur coat tightly around my body, fastened my ski goggles, and listened for the sound of the starting gun.

A. Last semester I met a good-looking guy in the cafeteria. We have become good friends since then. I am so happy to come to BYU-Hawaii because I can meet so many nice people from different countries.

B. "Is this seat taken?" a gentle voice behind me asked. I slowly turned around to see who it could be. There, smiling and holding the typical brown cafeteria tray, was the most handsome guy I had ever seen. My heart skipped a beat as I muttered a quick "Yes, ah, I mean No, it's not taken."

A. There was a fire in the dorm last Saturday morning. I couldn't believe it.
Someone left a rice cooker plugged in and it started a fire. The security guard was really upset about the incident.

B. Last Saturday morning, I was awakened by the sound of sirens outside my window. I quickly looked around my small dorm room. My roommate's bed was empty
and I could smell something strange in the air. Suddenly, I started coughing. Then I realized what the strange smell was. Smoke was coming from the room next door.

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