Vocabulary in Use: Upper Intermediate

Vocabulary in Use: Upper Intermediate

Self-study reference and practice for students of North American English




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Michael McCarthy, et. al

Cambridge University Press




Designed to "polish up" the vocabulary students already know, plus expand their vocabulary knowledge to over 6,000 new items, this easy-to-use series is perfect for self-study, reference, practice, and classroom use. The American English editions present 100 two-page categorized units (60 units in Basic Vocabulary in Use) with vocabulary on the left-hand page and practice activities on the right-hand page. The units follow familiar themes from travel, work, and school to family and feelings. There are suggestions on learning techniques, dictionary use, and organizing a vocabulary notebook. Each book includes an index of phonetic transcriptions and optional answers.


(Includes free audio CD) Everyday Verbs, People, The World, At Home, School and Workplace, Leisure, Social Issues. 1,200 items.


Word Formation, Phrase Building, Connecting and Linking, People, Daily Life, Work, Communication and Technology, Tourism. 2,500 items.

Upper Intermediate

Countable/Uncountable Nouns, Feelings and Actions, Fixed Expressions, Phrasal Verbs, Connecting and Linking, Strategies for Learning. 3,500 items.

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