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Academic Vocabulary: Exercise 1 - Vocabulary Exercises

Enter the letter into the box from the word that matches the following definitions.

1. very important, necessary a. admire
2. have a good opinion of; respect and like b. architect
3. show in the form of a picture c. attractive
4. the place where someone is going d. astronomy
5. presenting only the facts e. ceremony
6. reflecting emotions and opinions f. destination
7. made of lines and circles g. depict
8. pleasant to look at; beautiful h. essential
9. instrument for seeing distant objects i. geometric
10. a small package j. illusion
11. very small; tiny k. migrate
12. some thing that seems real but isn't l. miniature
13. person who designs buildings and houses m. packet
14. move from one place to another n. objective
15. something which takes the place of something else o. subjective
16. formal actions to mark an important religious or social event p. substitution
17. idea that is believed to be true but have not yet been proven q. target
18. an object that one shoots at r. telescope
19. to pay respect to God or religious things s. theory
20. study of the stars t. worship


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