Example Usage:

I recommend that you keep silent about this.
Marty recommended that Todd get some rest.
We recommend staying here an extra day.
I highly recommend Ms. Sheen.
The doctor recommends nine hours of sleep.

Common Mistakes:

I recommend to fix the window screen. (Incorrect!)

I recommend fixing the window screen. (Correct)
(Action is recommended, but no person is specified to do it.)

I recommend that you fix the window screen. (Correct)
(I suggest that you do something about it.)

We recommend that Donald is fired. (Incorrect)
We recommend that Donald be fired. (Correct)

Explanation :

The word recommend can be used in several different structures.
It is most commonly used as a regular verb, followed by a noun or gerund (but not an infinitive).

Mr. Fitness recommended push-ups. (S - V - O)
Mr. Fitness recommended jogging. (S - V - Gerund)
Mr. Fitness recommended doing push-ups. (S - V - Gerund + Object)
Mr. Fitness recommended three hours of weight lifting.

Recommend can be followed by another subject if the new subject is part of a that clause.

Mom strongly recommends that you clean your room.
Mom strongly recommends that Bill clean his room.*

*Notes: In sentences using recommend, the verb within the that clause
should be in the base form (not -s form or past tense).

It is better not to use infinitives after recommend.

Dad recommended Stacy to apply for the job. (strange)
Dad recommended that Stacy apply for the job. (better)
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