The Oxford Picture Dictionary: CD-ROM

Interactive CD-ROM

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Lifting the pages out of the best-selling dictionary and bringing them to life on screen, this powerful CD-ROM program presents an exciting new way of learning and using a dictionary! Through sound, animation, and color, students have instant access to all 3,700 words in the dictionary. Students learn to hear, read, say, and spell each word they choose to explore. A special viewer allows users to zoom in for close-ups of the stunning visuals. Activities such as Conversation, Reading, Job Talk, and Role Play provide hundreds of hours of language practice. A built-in word processor encourages students to write about topics and print them out. Plus there are games, a flashcard maker enabling students to print out word cards, randomly-generated tests, progress reports, and a Teacher Management System for review of students' work. Windows/Macintosh format.

System Requirements:


68040 or Power Macintosh

OS 7.5.3 or higher

16 MB RAM (32 MB preferred)

CD-ROM drive

At least 15 MB of free space on hard drive.


80486 or PentiumTM system

16MB RAM (32MB preferred). Windows 95TM or later

Graphics/Monitor: sVGA or higher, 640 X 480, 256-color mode

SoundBlaster compatible>

CD-ROM drive

At least 10 MB of free space on hard drive

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The New Oxford Picture Dictionary CD-ROM is recommended for all public, academic, school, and special libraries serving students and teachers of English as a second language.

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