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See also: Grammar: Plurals and Nationalities

Country Nationality Nationality (plural) Language
I am from . . . I am . . . They are . . . I speak . . .
She is from . . . He is . . . We are . . . He speaks . . .
Armenia Armenian Armenians Armenian
Bulgaria Bulgarian Bulgarians Bulgarian
Cambodia Cambodian Cambodians Cambodian
Estonia Estonian Estonians Estonian
Indonesia Indonesian Indonesians Indonesian
Latvia Latvian Latvians Latvian
Lithuania Lithuanian Lithuanians Lithuanian
Mongolia Mongolian Mongolians Mongolian
Romania Romanian Romanians Romanian
Russia Russian Russians Russian
Italy Italian Italians Italian
Hungary Hungarian Hungarians Hungarian
Ukraine Ukrainian Ukrainians Ukrainian
Australia Australian Australians English
Austria Austrian Austrians German
Bolivia Bolivian Bolivians Spanish
Colombia Colombian Colombians Spanish
Syria Syrian Syrians Arabic
India Indian Indians Hindi, Tamil, etc.
Nigeria Nigerian Nigerians Ibo, Hausa, etc.
Brazil Brazilian Brazilians Portuguese
Canada Canadian Canadians English, French
Malaysia Malay(sian) Malay(sian)s Malay, Cantonese, etc.
Norway Norwegian Norwegian Norwegian
Belgium Belgian Belgians French, Flemish
Egypt Egyptian Egyptians Coptic
Iran Iranian Iranians Persian, Farsi
Peru Peruvian Peruvians Spanish
Korea Korean Koreans Korean
Samoa Samoan Samoans Samoan
Tonga Tongan Tongans Tongan
Germany German Germans German
Cuba Cuban Cubans Spanish
Costa Rica Costa Rican Costa Ricans Spanish
Guatemala Guatemalan Guatemalans Spanish
Nicaragua Nicaraguan Nicaraguans Spanish
Paraguay Paraguayan Paraguayans Spanish
Uruguay Uruguayan Uruguayans Spanish
Venezuela Venezuelan Venezuelans Spanish
Chile Chilean Chileans Spanish
Singapore Singaporean Singaporeans English, Chinese, etc.
Mexico Mexican Mexicans Spanish
Honduras Honduran Hondurans Spanish
Dominican Republic Dominican Dominicans Spanish
South Africa South African South Africans Afrikaans, English, etc.
The United States American Americans English
Japan Japanese Japanese Japanese
Vietnam Vietnamese Vietnamese Vietnamese
China Chinese Chinese Chinese
Portugal Portuguese Portuguese Portuguese
Taiwan Chinese Chinese Chinese, Taiwanese
Nepal Nepalese Nepalese Nepali
Denmark Danish Danish/Danes Danish
Finland Finnish Finnish/Finns Finnish
Poland Polish Polish/Poles Polish
Spain Spanish Spanish/Spaniards Spanish
Sweden Swedish Swedish/Swedes Swedish
England British British/English English
Scotland Scottish Scottish/Scots English
Turkey Turkish Turkish/Turks Turkish
Ireland Irish Irish Gaelic, English
Bangladesh Bangladeshi Bangladeshis Bengali
Iraq Iraqi Iraqis Arabic
Israel Israeli Israelis Hebrew
Kuwait Kuwaiti Kuwaitis Arabic
Pakistan Pakistani Pakistanis Urdu
Qatar Qatari Qataris Arabic
Thailand Thai Thai(s) Thai
France French French French
Greece Greek Greeks Greek
The Philippines Filipino Filipinos Tagalog, English, etc.
Czech Republic Czech Czechs Czech
Switzerland Swiss Swiss German, French, etc.
Iceland Icelander Icelanders Icelandic
New Zealand (a) New Zealander New Zealanders English
The Netherlands Dutch Dutch Dutch
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