To the Teacher

 has been designed to make your life easier.As instructors, we know how time-consuming it is to prepare lessons and find good teaching materials. strives to reduce your preparation time by providing clear, easy-to-access handouts, lesson plans and exercises that you can print out and take directly to class. also serves as an online resource center for students.We recommend that you introduce your students to the site, where they can find plenty of practice, explanations, examples, and answers to their questions.With the wealth of information they get from, students might even be able to teach a grammar point or introduce a new idiom to their classmates.

Since is an ongoing project, we encourage you to write us anytime with suggestions on how to improve the site or link it to something on the Internet we might have missed.If you have a great teaching idea to share, by all means, let us know.We can help you publish your idea for the benefit of millions of EFL teachers and students worldwide.

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