Touchy Situations

A Conversation Text for ESL Students



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Glen Alan Penrod

Dymon Publications




Your friend has bad breath (but doesn't know it); you are married but would rather be single; Johnny is caught playing with matches; you are a perfectionist and your roommate is a slob. Yikes! What do you do? This situation-based conversation text provides challenging--sometimes touchy--topics in an effort to help students bridge the gap between controlled and free expression. Incorporating four main lesson formats (information gap activities, small group discussion, face-to-face role plays, and discussion and presentation), each of the 20 lessons takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. The lessons open with a warm-up activity then move into a preview of grammatical structures and vocabulary, conversation strategies, the "situation," problem-solving simulations, and a follow-up section enabling students to extend their discussions to related topics. Oh no! You're a vegetarian and your boyfriend's family is grilling steaks for dinner . . . what do you do?

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