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Andrew Finch, Hyun Tae-duck

Hakmun Publishing




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We learn by doing, and even basic level language-learners can communicate in English if they are given the opportunity. Thus, Tell Me More!, in addition to introducing new language, maximizes learning by presenting learners with authentic language tasks in real-life settings. In this way, learners can experience the problems of communicating in English first-hand, and can evaluate their success by the level of communication achieved.

Each Chapter of Tell Me More! takes a situation in which communication occurs in real-life, and presents a number of activities which use that situation. Some activities are designed around vocabulary, some around fluency, some suggest relevant language, and others simply focus on the situation itself, with no linguistic emphasis. The final, Extra chapter contains a number of activities that teachers and learners can turn to at any time, either to review learning, or to explore some new activities. This chapter is particularly useful for students who arewaiting for others to finish.

The activities in each chapter follow a sequence which starts with basic, one-way, static, grammar/vocabulary activities, and which gradually becomes more interactive, dynamic and demanding. For learners who find early tasks difficult, this is the time to learn new grammar, lexis, structures or phrases, and they should be allowed to spend as much time as they need on these activities. For those who experience little or no trouble with the early activities, the later activities are there to take them further, and to extend their use of the target language.

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