Surveys enable students to ask questions of a variety of individuals, usually their
    classmates. Often the questions follow a particular grammatical pattern and require
    that students find someone who can answer their questions in the affirmative.
    Follow-up questions can be used for additional practice.


    Walk around the room asking your classmates the questions below. If a student
    answers ?yes,? ask a follow-up question; then write his/her name in the blank.

    First question

    Follow-up questions

    Have you ever...

    Oh, really?

    When..., Where..., How did you...?

    eaten snake?______________________________

    driven a car?______________________________

    written a letter in English?___________________

    cooked food for your friends?_________________

    met a movie star?__________________________

    swum in the ocean?________________________

    broken an arm or leg?______________________

    been to New York?_________________________

    ridden a bicycle?___________________________

    drunk tomato juice?________________________

    lived in a tent?____________________________

    played ice hockey?_________________________

    rented an apartment?______________________

    had an accident?__________________________

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