Speaking Situations: Describing People

Speaking Situations: Describing People

Vocabulary for these situations:

Conversation Practice

1. Tell your classmates about the people in your family. Describe their personality and appearance.


My father is kind of tall. I think he's handsome and smart.
My mom is really nice. She has short brown hair...

2. Describe your best friend to your partner. What kind of person is he/she? What does he/she look like?


Tony is my best friend. He looks like Tom Cruise. He's a very funny person.

3. Describe one of your classmates to your partner, and have him/her guess who you are describing.


This person is wearing jeans and a pink t-shirt. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes.

(Let me guess.) Is it Cindy?

Textbook:New Interchange Intro, Chapter 4

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