Out & About

An Interactive Course in Beginning English



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Amy Hemmert, Rick Kappra

OWL Publishing




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This innovative, activity-packed textbook gets beginning learners of English on their feet and speaking the language from day one! Addressing SCANS competencies and CASAS requirements, Out and About provides a language syllabus for adults of all ages.

Through Out and About's dynamic, student-centered approach, students will:

? learn to communicate in everyday situations--from the classroom to the doctor's office

? master useful vocabulary related to everyday topics, including housing, clothing, and shopping

? acquire important life skills through practical, hands-on activities related to reading maps, making appointments, and talking on the phone

? build valuable study skills and critical thinking skills

? gain independence and confidence!

Each unit provides a well-defined series of picture-based vocabulary activities followed by contextualized, multi-skill practice activities. Key language and vocabulary are recycled and reinforced in creative and stimulating ways.

Out and About celebrates the diversity of the language classroom and the world we live in. Every effort has been made to avoid stereotypes. In doing so, Out and About features people of various ethnic backgrounds, women in traditionally male occupations, and non-traditional families, such as single-parent families and same-sex couples. Students will also learn language for expressing food restrictions determined by religious custom or cultural preference.

? Teacher's Guide: The free downloadable Teacher's Guide offers unit objectives, outlines, vocabulary lists, and step-by-step procedures--making even the most novice teacher feel comfortable working with true beginners!

? Teacher Resource Book: This photocopiable activity book offers supplementary games, crossword puzzles, class mingles, fluency circles, end-of-unit progress checks, and more. It can be used independently or in conjunction with the Student Book.

Out and About gives students the skills and confidence they need to . . . well . . . Get Out and About!

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