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Expressways 2




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S. Molinsky, B. Bliss

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Put students in the fast lane of language learning! This full-color, lively series provides four levels in a spiraled curriculum and innovative tri-dimensional syllabus that incorporates state-of-the-art cooperative learning. Model conversations and guided practice give students the language and confidence to create original conversations, plus there are reading, writing, vocabulary, and self-assessment exercises interwoven with a delightful highway motif.

Student Books: The full-color student books contain high-interest readings that integrate life skill topics, functions, and grammar with role-playing, group discussion, and cooperative learning. 175 to 200 pages each.

Workbooks: Provide reinforcement of language skills through dynamic exercises, including a focus on pronunciation, rhythm, stress, and intonation.

Teacher's Guides: The spiral-bound teacher's guides feature step-by-step instructions, expansion activities, and background notes.

Cassettes: Realistic presentations of the conversations, readings, and listening exercises in both the student books and workbooks are available on cassettes.

Picture Cards: 260 full-color cards provide opportunities for vocabulary practice.

Test Packages and Placement Kit: Place students in the right level through the placement kit. Each level also has a test package with end-of-chapter achievement tests.

Key to the Levels

Level 1 :

Takes learners on a drive to meet people, places, get around in town, find housing and food, and more! Focuses on simple present; ends with past tense.

Level 2 :

Steer through the streets of friends and neighbors, personal finances, tasks at work, and communication strategies. Covers future tense, could, should, etc.

Level 3 and 4 :

Travel through the same range of situations and contexts, but discover expanded vocabulary and complex grammar and expressions.

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