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The Port of Portland, Maine - ESL Reading Resources - The Port of Portland, Maine

Reading Time

Click here to read the article

The Port of Portland, Maine
from America's Library (

When you have finished reading, return to this page and answer the questions below.


Post-Reading Questions

1. What is the main topic of this article?

a. the hills of Portland, Maine

b. the harbor of Portland, Maine

c. the divers of Portland, Maine

d. the artillery of Portland, Maine

2. Which is not mentioned about the port of Portland?

a. It became a major shipbuilding center in the 18th century.

b. Its success made it a target for attack by the U.S.A.

c. Its harbor is one of many harbors on the Maine coast.

d. By 1806, Portland ranked as the 6th largest port in the country.

3. What is not mentioned as a characteristic of the coastline of Maine?

a. sandy beaches

b. peninsulas

c. mud

d. coves



1. b

2. b

3. c



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