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ESL Reading Resources - Learn to Read English


English: Read an Article

Reading English can be easy with

Check out the materials provided below. - Read and Article 
In order to practice English reading skills, we recommend three things:

1. Good reading materials

Select short, realistic, a little higher than your level. Find authentic reading materials from various sources such as:

Books, articles, other publications, the Internet


See our lists of topics and articles for reading. 

Check out these websites for reading practice.

Many textbooks have good skill-building exercises.


2. Background information

Know something about the topic beforehand. Prepare your mind by thinking about the topic ahead of time.

Think about vocabulary you might need to understand the text. Pick out a few new words from the passage itself.

Predict what language and information you might encounter in the reading.


3.Techniques for Practice

 Read for general and specific information.

At first, skim (look quickly) over the article the main idea. Ask yourself questions about what you are about to read.

When you are focused, read a second time for specific details. Have a purpose or something to find out from your reading.

Try to answer the questions you have formulated. Read a third time to review what you have learned. 

Think about or discuss what you have just read. 

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