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The Voiceless TH Sound           


Minimal Pairs

thin sin fin myth mitt ether eater
thick sick tick path pat wreath reef
thank sank tank forth for    
thought sought sought taught fought    
think sink          


Challenging Words

thief ruthless Thanksgiving threshold
theft threaten thermodynamic arithmetic
thorn mammoth mathematics parentheses
thrice monthly parenthetical wrath
thrust apothecary thrifty health
broth withdraw    


In Phrases

Through thick and thin the wrath of God master's thesis
throw in the towel thanks a bunch three's a crowd
a loose tooth a thorn in the side a thorough analysis
worth a fortune birth certificate withdrawal symptoms



Q. When's Thanksgiving?
A. It's on a Thursday in November.
Q. The third Thursday or the fourth?
A. I think it's on the fourth.
Q. That would be the twenty-fifth.
A. No, it's the twenty-sixth.
A. Thanks.


Oral Reading

If you think you're safe from thievery, think again. Most thefts occur within three miles of the victim's home. People often venture into the streets without giving their valuables a second thought. They leave things out in the open, where thieves can easily spot them. Items worth thousands of dollars can be stolen in a tenth of a second. So be thoughtful. Only you can thwart this terrible crime. Watch your things carefully. Thieves do.



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