Diagnostic Exercises

Exercise 1

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Read the following paragraph aloud and underline the words or phrases you have trouble pronouncing.

Flip Charts

The standard flip chart (model 850034) is a white, plastic coated board with a grey metal frame. The paper pad is held firmly in place with two magnetic knobs and can be adjusted to accommodate various commercial sizes. This model comes complete with a carrying handle, easel, and a removable aluminum pen tray. What a pleasant alternative to the spiral-bound dinosaurs of the past! Suggested retail price: $27.69.

Which individual sounds were difficult to pronounce? (Example: l, r, v)

Which sounds were difficult to pronounce together? (Example: sp, fl, pr)

Which words were difficult to pronounce in isolation? (Ex: accommodate, firmly)

Which words and sounds were easy for you to pronounce?

What patterns of difficulty do you notice? (Ex: l/r sounds, word endings, multi-syllabic words)

Read the paragraph again with a partner, and see if he/she notices the same things.

Exercise 2

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Read the following advertisement aloud, emphasizing the features you think should be highlighted.

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