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Consonant Clusters with S and more           


Pronunciation:Consonant Clusters with "s" and other sounds

With S With other sounds

sleep asleep flight fresh carve
steam esteem crib glitch curb
specially especially dwarf clamp month
stray astray trash arch harsh
strange estrange blank girls earth


Challenging Words

worldly drugs stripe pressure
flippant thrift cliff pleasure
yearly breath crank stringent
wrench child sparse splash
curly glisten streak cringe


In Phrases

itch and scratch extreamly clear strange but true
length, width, and depth slake your thirst no strings attached
an order of French fries February third stop, look and listen
a church steeple standard bearer  



Q. What in the world are you doing?
A. I'm cleaning the kitchen sink.
Q. With my brand new dish rag?
A. It was already dirty.
Q. Aren't there any paper towels?
A. I couldn't find any
Q. I think they're in the cupboard.
A. You should've told me that sooner.
Q. Well, just remember to wring out the dish rag.
A I will when I'm finished.
Q. And don't splash water all over the place.




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