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On the Air

Listening to Radio Talk




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Sadow, Sather

Cambridge Press





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Welcome to National Public Radio! You're on the air! This captivating text uses authentic and provocative radio programs from National Public Radio and WRKO, Boston to give students experience in listening and responding to unedited, natural English speech. Fourteen chapters tune into U.S. personalities and the far-ranging issues: former president Jimmy Carter talks about the event that inspired a poem he wrote; Chris, a high school student, would like to take time out to ride a bike around the world; rich and famous TV star Roseanne claims that she is still "working class;" and Charlie calls Car Talk because he is concerned about the noise in his car's engine. In each chapter, an introductory reading sets the stage. This reading is also on the cassette. Talk it Over gets students thinking about the topic matter and heightens interest in the upcoming conversation. Two pre-listening dictations familiarize students with key vocabulary, phrases, and sentences. In Take Notes, students listen to the entire excerpt and make notes. They then listen to the conversation again and do a listening exercise. Several more exercises offer choral chants, thematic questions, true and false, sentence completion, TOEFL-type multiple-choice, and more. You'll be on the same radio wave with this exciting book!

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