Korea Schools

U = University C = College CC = Community College O = Other
Location School Type School
Seoul U Sung Kyun Kwan University TESOL Program
Suwon U Ajou University
Andong U Andong National University
Buchon U Catholic University of Korea
Gyeongsan U Catholic University of Taegu-Hyosung
Changwon U Changwon National University
Cheju U Cheju National University
Cheju U Cheju National University of Education
Chonan U Cheonan University
Chinju U Chinju National University
Chinju U Chinju National University of Education
Chonju U Chonbuk National University
Gunsan U Chonbuk Sanup University of Technology (Howon University)
Cheongju U Chongju National University of Education
Cheongju U Chongju University
Seoul U Chongshin University
Jeonju U Chonju National University of Education
Gwangju U Chonnam National University
Gwangju U Chosun University
Chunchon U Chunchon National University of Education
Seoul U Chung-Ang University
Chungju U Chungbuk National University
Chungju U Chung-Ju National University
Daegu U Chungnam National University
Young am U Daebul University
Daegu U Daegu University
Daejeon U Daejon University
Seoul U Dankook University
Busan U Dong Eui University
Seoul U Dong Yang University of Technology
Busan U Dong-A University
Seoul U Dongduk Women's University
Seoul U Dongguk University
Busan U Dongseo University
Naju U Dongshin University
Seoul U Duksung Women's University
Seoul U Ewha Women's University
Chinju U Gyeongsang National University
Chunchon U Hallym University
Daejeon U Hanbat National University of Technology
Koyang U Hankuk Aviation University
Seoul U Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Daejeon U Hannam University
Seosan U Hanseo University
Osan U Hanshin University
Seoul U Hansung University Seoul
Seoul U Hanyang University
Gwangju U Honam University
Seoul U Hongik University
Asan U Hoseo University
Hwasung U Hyupsung University
Incheon U Inchon National University of Education
Incheon U Inchon University
Daejeon U Information and Communications University
Incheon U Inha University
Kimhae U Inje University
Jeonju U Jeonju University
Yongin U Kangnam University
Kangnung U Kangnung National University
Chunchon U Kangwon National University
Korung-kun U Kaya University
Daegu U Keimyung University
Kongju U Kongju National University
Kongju U Kongju National University of Education
Seoul U Konkuk University
Nonsan U Konyang University
Seoul U Kookmin University
Daejeon U Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology
Busan U Korea Maritime University
Seoul U Korea National Open University
Seoul U Korea National University of Arts
Choungwon U Korea National University of Education
Seoul U Korea National University of Physical Education
Seoul U Korea University
Busan U Kosin University
Kumi U Kumoh National University of Technology
Kunsan U Kunsan National Universiy
Kangnung U Kwan Dong University
Kwangju U Kwangju National University of Education
Kwangju U Kwangju University
Kwangju U Kwangju Women's University
Seoul U Kwangwoon University
Suwon U Kyonggi University
Kyoungju U Kyongju University
Seoul U Kyunghee University
Kyoungsan U Kyungil University
Masan U Kyungnam University
Daegu U Kyungpook National University
Busan U Kyungsung University
Sungnam U Kyungwon University
Milyang U Miryang National University
Mokpo U Mokpo Catholic University
Mokpo U Mokpo National Maritime University
Muan U Mokpo National University
Daejeon U Mokwon University Taejon
Seoul U Myongji University
Chonan U Namseoul University
Daejeon U Paichai University
Pohang U Pohang University of Science and Technology
Busan U Pukyong National University
Busan U Pusan National University
Busan U Pusan National University of Education
Busan U Pusan University of Foreign Studies
Busan U Pusan Women's University
Seoul U Sahmyook University
Samcheock U Samcheok National University
Wonju U Sang Ji University
Seoul U Sang Myung University
Seoul U Sejong University
Jecheon U Semyung University
Seoul U Seokyeong University
Namwon U Seonam University
Seoul U Seoul City University
Seoul U Seoul National University
Seoul U Seoul National University of Education
Seoul U Seoul Teological University
Seoul U Seoul Women's University
Cheongju U Seowon University
Busan U Silla University
Seoul U Sogang University
Seoul U Sookmyung Women's University
Seoul U Soongsil University
Sunchon U Sunchon National University
Anyang U Sungkyul Christian University
Seoul U Sungshin Women's University
Asan U Sunmoon University
Hwasung U Suwon University
Taegu U Taegu National University of Education
Busan U Tongmyung University of Information Technology Technology
Ulsan U Ulsan University
Icksan U Wonkwang University
Wanju U Woosuk University
Kyoungsang U Yeungnam University
Seoul U Yonsei University
Yosu U Yosu National University
Youngdong U Youngdong University

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