North American Idioms

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Short description:

This CD-ROM is an independent, interactive multi-media resource for language learners who like to participate in natural colloquial North American English and who are interested in North American customs and culture. Intermediate level language learners will be able to practice using idioms in common real-life situations to improve their understanding of specific idioms in various contexts.

Detailed description:

Multimedia Components

Each unit of North American Idioms contains:

video dialogues

additional audio scripts

clickable idioms

text and audio definitions

engaging interactive learning activities

visual illustrations of certain idioms

Key Features

increase awareness of North American cultural values and attitudes through contextual uses

recognize and produce frequently used idioms

distinguish between literal and idiomatic meanings

understand and apply specific idioms meanings

observe and listen to video clips of young people in common situations

practice idioms with stimulating activities and receive immediatefeedback to monitor your progress

use North American Idioms in the classroom, a language lab, or at home

work at your own pace

System Requirements

Windows: Pentium PC; with Windows 95/98 or NT; 32 MB of RAM; sound card; 8-bit color monitor; 640x480 resolution 256; 2X speed CD-ROM drive; QuickTime 4.0 (included on CD)

Macintosh: PowerPC, System 7.5 or higher; 16 MB RAM; 2X speed CD-ROM drive; 640x480 resolution 256; QuickTime 4.12 (included on CD) North American Idioms.

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