Can You Believe It? Book 1

Can You Believe It?

Stories and Idioms from Real Life




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Jann Huizenga, Linda Huizenga

Oxford University Press





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A leopard is found sleeping in a child's bedroom . . . Victoria asks her fiancee to wait 40 years before marrying her so she can pay for the wedding dress of her dreams . . . Rachel hears her telephone ringing in her dog's stomach . . . Can you believe these stories? Featuring a wide range of unusual but "truly true" news stories, these books integrate reading with idioms and vocabulary development. Each of the 15-20 articles is presented through two-color pages with photographs, lively comic-strip style illustrations, and cassettes (recordings of all readings and dictations). Activities are broken down into pre-reading, listening, reading, completing the idiom/matching, telling the story, answering questions, writing about yourself, dictation, and completing the dialogue/story. Appendices include a complete lexicon, glossary of phrasal verbs, "mindmaps" that group idioms according to meaning, and an answer key. Book 1 features readings of 100-150 words; Book 2 has readings averaging 200-300 words

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