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Considered by some as the best idioms books on the market, these enticing texts splash through the world of idioms with an irresistible charm! Each two-color book offers 8-12 units of theme-grouped idioms. Each idiom is introduced with a humorous illustration where needed, a clear definition, background on its origin, and sample sentences. The idioms are then followed by mini-dialogues, dictations, pronunciation work, listening exercises, and discussion and writing tasks. After every few units there is a sensational review section filled with off-the-beaten path practices, from puzzles to tic-tac-toe! The audio components provide recordings of natural conversations and material for the listening exercises.

Intro-High Beginning:

The 8 lessons cover idioms used in "problem" situations, telephone conversations, in daily routines, in a restaurant, and more.

Idioms in Context, Book 2-Intermediate:

The 12 units offer a range of conversational situations for understanding and learning idioms. The idioms are introduced under themes like Please Leave a Message After You Hear the Beep, Are We Couch Potatoes?, Forgetting a Date, and Don't Throw it Away, Recycle!


The 10 lessons teach students to recognize and produce over 200 high-frequency idioms grouped under topics like Technology Today, Grappling with Computers, and Flying to a Distant Place, A bad Case of Jet Lag.

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