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Future Simple Tense




In English the Future Time is expressed in a number of ways. The most common are with will and be going to. See examples from the following sentences.

I will finish my homework in an hour.

I’m going to finish my homework in an hour.

With be going to, make sure the verb be agrees with its subject. I’m going to eat a whole watermelon.

She’s going to eat a whole watermelon.

Actually, we’re going to eat a whole watermelon together.

In speech, the words going to are often pronounced “ gonna .”

Don’t forget the be verb.

A: What are you gonna do this weekend?

B: I’m gonna stay home and clean my carpet.

NOT: I gonna stay…

NOT: I’m gonna to stay…

What’s the difference between will and be going to?

Both can be used interchangeably in some cases. (Predictions and guesses)

My prints will be here tomorrow.

My prints are going to be here tomorrow.

Be going to is preferable for strong intentions or for describing the inevitable.

I’m going to give her a piece of my mind.

There’s no way they can score 21 points in 2 minutes. We’re going to win!

Will is the preferable form for making offers or expressing pop decisions.

A: Who will help me finish this chocolate cake?

B: I will.

A: I have two tickets left for the front row.

B: I’ll take them.

Sometimes future time can be expressed with either the present or present progressive tense. In such cases, time words must be expressed or clearly implied.


I fly to Beijing tomorrow.

I’m flying to Beijing tomorrow.

Sorry I can’t attend the picnic on Saturday. I’m flying to Beijing.



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