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Quizzes - Low Intermediate

A Bunch of Questions (Letitia Bradley) A, An, The or Nothing (Larry Davies)
Active or Passive Voice (Vera Mello) Adjective or Adverb (Vera Mello)
After, For or Since (Vera Mello) Almost, Almost All, Most of (Larry Davies)
Another, The Other, The Others, Others (Vera Mello) Assorted Grammar Questions (Vera Mello)
At-By-With (Letitia Bradley) Borrow or Lend - A Cloze Quiz (Vera Mello)
Comparative & Superlative (Vera Mello) Comparisons (Charles Kelly)
Conjunctions - Level 1 (Vera Mello) Correct or Incorrect - Prepositions (Vera Mello)
Correct or Incorrect - Verbs (Vera Mello) Correct the Mistakes (Charles Kelly)
Countable or Non-Countable Nouns (Charles Kelly) Did or Made (Letitia Bradley)
Do or Make (Letitia Bradley) Fall, Feel or Fill (Vera Mello)
Find the Missing Word (Larry Kelly) Flying Home: Using At, In and On (Jack Bradshaw)
Go, Goes, Going, Went or Gone (Charles Kelly) How & Complement - Matching Quiz (Vera Mello)
Identifying Sentence Problems - Julia Roberts
(Colleen Weldele)
Is the Sentence Correct? (Vera Mello)
Is the Sentence Passive or Active? (Tina Boon) Lie or Lay (Vera Mello)
Look At - Look For - Look After (Letitia Bradley) Make or Do (Vera Mello)
Miscellaneous Grammar Quiz (Lucimara C. Mello) Misplaced Words (Donna Tatsuki)
Misuse of the Infinitives (Donna Tatsuki) Multiple Choice (Jon Berman)
Necessary and Unnecessary Words (Donna Tatsuki) Obligation with Subject Agreement (Jack Bradshaw)
Participles (Larry Davies) Pick a Particle: In, On or Up (Richard Davies)
Plurals (Vera Mello) Prepositions (Charles Kelly)
Prepositions (Cheryl Newman-Marris) Prepositions (Edmilson Sa)
Prepositions (Vera Mello) Prepositions: At, In & On (Jack Bradshaw)
Question Words (Vera Mello) Raise or Rise? (Vera Mello)
Reflexive Pronouns (Timothy Morrill) Set, Sit or Seat? (Vera Mello)
So or Because (Letitia Bradley) Some, Any or No (Vera Mello)
Still-Yet (Letitia Bradley) Swim, Swims, Swimming, Swam or Swum
(Charles Kelly)
Tell or Say (Vera Mello) Tense Quiz Using "To Clean" (Jack Bradshaw)
Their-There-They're (Letitia Bradley) Various Fill In the Blank Questions (Charles Kelly)
Various Questions I (Vera Mello) Verb Choice (Carlos Gontow)
Verb Form Quiz - Gerund or Infinitive (Elek Mathe) Verb Forms (Dennis Oliver)
What's the Correct Verb Form? (Charles Kelly) What's the Correct Verb Form? (Charles Kelly)


Quizzes - Advanced

Prepositions (Edmilson Sa)


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