Focus on Grammar CD-ROM

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Clear, contextualized, and interactive, this innovative four-level multimedia program provides extensive grammar practice through lively reading, listening, and writing activities. Easy-to-install and even easier to use, each CD-ROM allows learners to work at their own pace. Target structures are presented in full reading and listening passages, not just isolated sentences; extensive pop-up charts, notes, and appendices create quick reference guides; record-keeping functions keep track of individual performance; and interactive feedback immediately guides the user. There's also opportunities to use the grammar in expressing one's own ideas in original written passages. Special TOEFL-type review tests effectively ready students for the TOEFL test format. It's a whole new way to focus on grammar! Windows/Macintosh format.

System Requirements :


- Color monitor

- CD-ROM drive

- 4 MB RAM

- OS7 or higher

- Accelerated for Power Macintosh


- 386ASX-based

- CD-ROM drive

- Sound Blaster-compatible sound card

- 4 MB RAM

- Windows 3.1 or higher

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