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Need a grammar gigabyte? For those seeking a powerful, quick course in grammar, this book is the perfect track to take! The 76 easy-to-use four-page units present and contextualize grammar points through two-color cartoons, photos, and other "snappy" illustrations. A typical unit presents the grammar point in three steps: the illustration, grammar charts (asks questions called Chart Checks) and an Express Check (a means for students to try out the forms in the charts). The last two pages of each unit focus on practice in understanding and using the grammar point. There are four exercises: a "for recognition only" exercise (finding and understanding the grammar point, but not being required to use it); two exercises in actively practicing the grammar point (these include multiple choice, fill-in-the blanks, sentence combing, and describing pictures); and a final exercise in editing (correcting mistakes often made with the grammar point). The 76 units are divided into 15 parts, each part proceeded by a SelfTest. The SelfTests are similar to questions found on the TOEFL test. The 15 parts cover all the verb tenses, question types, modals, adjectives and adverbs, gerunds and infinitives, phrasal verbs, the passive, the conditional, and indirect speech. Twenty-eight appendices bring the "express line" to an end with useful information on irregular verbs, spelling, and pronunciation rules.

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