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Business English

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ESL Business English - Useful Expressions

Business English: Meetings and Discussions - Meetings and Discussions


Getting Started

Let's get started.

We need to discuss . . .

We need to talk about . . .



Talking About Discussion Items

The first thing we need to discuss is . . .

The first item on the agenda is . . .

The first thing on the list is . . .

First, we need to talk about . . .


Presenting Options

We have several alternatives:

We have tow options:

We could either . . .   or . . .


Moving On

Let's move on to item 2.

Let's move on to the next topic.

We need to move on.

The next item (of business) is . . .

We need to go on to the next item.

Shall/Should we move on?


Stalling the Discussion

Before we move on, I think we should . . .

Wait a minute. We haven't discussed . . .

Don't you think we need to . . .

Not so fast. We haven't (yet) . . .


Asking for Clarification

What do you mean by . . .

I don't quite follow you.

I didn't get what you meant by . . .

Could you clarify that?

Could you elaborate on that?


Making a Suggestion / Proposal

I think we should . . .

Maybe we should . . .

I suggest . . .

Why don't we . . .

How about . . .

We could . . .


Giving Feedback

(I think) that's a good idea.

You have a good point.

Good idea / point.

I agree

I didagree. I think . . .

Sorry. I don't agree with you.

You have a good point, but . . .

That's not such a good idea.

I don't think that's a good idea.


Asking for Opinions

What do you think, George?

What's your opinion on that, Martha?

Any thoughts on that?

Any ideas?


Checking for Consensus

Do we all agree (on that)?

Does everyone agree?



In summary, . . .

The conclusion is . . .

So, we've decided to . . .

We're going to . . . (then)


Closing the Meeting

That's all for today.

That's it then.


The meeting is adjourned.

(very formal)



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