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ESL Business English - Useful Expressions

Sample Topics for Business Letters


Sample Topics for Business Letters

1. You are a sales representative for your company. Write a letter to Mike Mason of ABC Enterprises, introducing one of your new products or services. Be sure to give important details about your product/service.

2. You are a student researching a company for your business class presentation. Write to Margaret Sims, the public relations director, of the corporation you are researching, and ask for information about her company.

3. Invite Margaret Sims, public relations director of the company you are researching, to be a guest speaker during your presentation next week. (Introduce yourself as a student interested in the company.)

4. Write a letter to Margaret Sims confirming details of her speech next week. Make sure to include time, place and topic. Offer to help in any way you can.

5. You are Margaret Sims. Answer either Letter 2 or Letter 3 (above.) You may choose to accept or reject the writer's request.

6. Roger Owens, President of XYZ Corporation, will be visiting your city next week. Write a letter inviting him and his wife to dinner on Thursday night. (Be sure to specify the time and place of the dinner.)

7. You are Roger Owens. Respond to the Letter 6 (above) accepting or declining the invitation.




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