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Beauty and Fashion           

1. Before you Watch The Video

          What do you know about this topic already?


2. Check Your Vocabulary

Beauty Fashion Style
Healthy Makeup Skin care
Hair Perfume Cologne
Clean Eating Exercise
Sunscreen Nutrition Vitamins
Teeth Face Sleep

3. Watch the Video


4. What Did You Learn From the Video?

5. Answer the Questions

A. What is the golden ratio?

B. Why does wearing makeup improve a woman's appearance?

C. How do people form face averages?

D. Does wearing red lipstick improve the average amount of a waitress's tips?

E. What do flamingos do to appear more attractive to the opposite sex?

6. Insights About Beauty and Fashion

A. Always smile

B. Know your best side. Each of our faces are more attractive on one side or the other. Favor that side every day or when you have your picture taken.

C. Be clean. Nobody likes to be around people who smell or look dirty. Make and effort to wash your hair at least every other day and brush your teeth at least twice a day. Shower every day.

D. Appear neat. Frequently wash your clothes and ensure that they are well cared for and pressed. Make sure that your clothes fit properly. Make sure that your shoes are clean. Make sure that your hair is well trimmed and styled. Wear quality clothing but don't get carried away with expensive clothing or jewelry. Don't follow every fad or trend without carefully considering how you will look in that style. Dress for yourself in the clothes that are truly flattering on you.

E. Use Make-up but don't use it heavily. Use concealer or foundation to cover blemishes and a minimum amount of mascara and lipstick. Apply a hint of blush to make you look fresh and youthful.

F. Be healthy. Don't starve yourself. Eat nutritional well-balanced healthy meals. Exercise hard three to four times every week. Get enough sleep, normally at least eight hours each night.

7. Talk with a friend or partner about it.

Discuss your appearance.

Consider what you can do to improve your health.

Review your wardrobe and make changes if necessary.

Consider having a fashion or style makeover.

Discuss what you eat and how it makes you feel and look.

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